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Now you can TimeTravel in Sri Lanka

Are you tired of traveling to your workplace due to traffic congestion? Or do you waste your time, on your way back to home after work? Are you reluctant to drive your own vehicle and waste your time and money in traffic jams because of low quality transportation? Are you looking for a way to bring your child to school and back to home safely and responsibly? If so, this service is for you. is a Time Effective, hassle-free Office Staff, School Children and Personal Long-distance Transport Service in Sri Lanka.

We Save your Time

“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” - Jim Rohn.

Almost everybody spends their lives searching for ways to earn more and more money, but seldom we think about time and its importance, it’s a limited resource! We all have the same number of hours each day. When you understand the importance of time, you will also understand the importance of managing your time. Time management is a game of choices: projects to pursue, tasks to complete, routines to follow. Do not allow anybody to waste your time on the road to fulfill their requirements. Time is your right.