About TimeTravel.lk

Are you tired of traveling to your workplace due to traffic congestion? Or do you waste your time, on your way back to home after work? Are you reluctant to drive your own vehicle and waste your time and money in traffic jams because of low quality transportation? Are you looking for a way to bring your child to school and back to home safely and responsibly? If so, this service is for you. TimeTravel.lk is a Time Effective, hassle-free Office Staff and School Children Transport Service in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide a quality, safe, courteous, efficient and comfortable transportation solution.

Time is Money

Almost everybody spends their lives searching for ways to earn more and more money, but seldom we think about time and its importance, it’s a limited resource! We all have the same number of hours each day. When you understand the importance of time, you will also understand the importance of managing your time. Time management is a game of choices: projects to pursue, tasks to complete, routines to follow. Do not allow anybody to waste your time on the road to fulfill their requirements. Time is your right.

Think for a moment. Imagine there are 50 passengers in the conventional transportation you are traveling. If they waste an hour of your time, that's like wasting 50 hours of one passenger. It's like wasting more than two days on one passenger. This wasted time is a precious time you will never be able to get back, or to be spent with your loved ones.

Why we Special

Time Saving

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Our educated and experienced staff will take you safely to your destination. They are also very disciplined and polite and have a keen understanding of driving passenger vehicles. They are committed to taking you to your destination without feeling tired.


Our Transport Services provide you a luxury service. Below are some of the luxury features included.

  • Air Suspension
  • Air-Conditioned dust free environment
  • Noise reduced inside
  • Adjustable high-back sheets
  • Under baggage
  • Overhead storage
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Cool box